Prices & Services

06.18.2008 - 1:33 pm

Mastering Rates

70€ each track (+ tax)

35€ each track (+ tax) for musicians without  a label deal or sponsor. A minimum of 2 tracks is required.

Mastering includes: Preparation, Sound-, Dynamic- and Stereo Field Processing, Digital Editing, Restoration, Sum & Difference (M/S), Stem- or Separation Mastering, laying-on of hands

Additional Services - “Studio Time”
35€ each hour (+ tax)

- Revisions

- Masterings, exceeding 1hr. of processing time
- PQ-coding, ISRC, Error-Checking
- Burning of Red-Book compatible Master CD’s (Master, Archive)
- Listening copies in Audio CD Format (identical to Master CD)
- Mixing, Online-Mixing, Remixing and Dub-Mixes (by arrangement)
- Analog Tape Transfers (1″, 1/2″, 1/4″, all speeds)

We support EBU R-128 by request

Jammin Masters is a whitelisted  Itunes - MFIT Studio

Jammin Masters is recommended by Native Instruments for “STEMS”